My reading has slowed down a bit this week.  I am up to 6 books read, with about 3 more before I have to hit up the library again.

We have had some truly awesome thunderstorms this week, which, unfortunately, means I have been battling the notorious Calgary Headache.  It’s worth it, though.  I love storm season.  And until I can get back to the island and watch the rage come in off the ocean, I have to take what I can get.

Also, my slowly developing novel outline should be ready for me to start writing the first draft in about a week.  I am so enamoured with this story that I have decided that I am not going to wait until NaNo to begin.  With November only a few months away, I can probably use the insanity to help me hit the finish line.  I have a bad habit of getting to the final climax, and then dropping off instead of finishing out the end of the novel.  I think I have a penchant for cliffhangers.

One thing I am finding really entertaining, is step five of the Snowflake method.  Specifically, writing the story line from the point of view of each of the main characters.  Since I only skimmed the page last year, I didn’t notice this part of the step the last time I used it.  I think this is now my favourite step, and having only three main characters, I am going to be a little sad when it’s over.

That said, it might motivate me to try writing the novel itself from multiple POVs.  Those stories are great fun, if done correctly.  We will see, I suppose.

Well, coffee is calling, and I have one more short MC POV to write.  See you on the flip side!

Reading Inspires

So far, my social media hiatus has been pretty great.  In the last couple of weeks I have read 4 books, I haven’t been guilting myself over cleaning, the job search, cooking, eating, exercising, or anything else that sucks the enjoyment out of my life.  I am just sitting, listening to music, reading my books, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and letting my self be.  Being is awesome.

All kinds of ideas are bubbling up in the absence of chatter and stress – from forgotten projects (furniture refinishing), to designs for the approaching dark holidays, to story ideas, to ideas for using up my current stash (while also earning money to buy more yarn).

I found a vintage White #510 sewing machine and folding sewing desk on Kijiji for $20.  At first I was just planning on junking the machine and using the desk for my beloved vintage Bernina, but after a bit of testing and some investigation in the desk drawers that produced the original receipt for the combo (and three packages of vintage sewing needles – how awesome is that!), I have decided to keep it.  And now I have 2 sewing machines!  Now I only absolutely NEED 3 more –  a serger, an embroidery machine, and an antique push pedal Singer.  Then my seamstress dreams will be complete!

When I am not playing with my new toys, and working on new and old handy projects, I have been developing a handful of story ideas.  One is already being worked into a novel outline (perhaps to be ready for November 1st?), and a few others are just scribbled notes in Evernote (so love this program, it’s like a folder full of sticky notes, but I never have to find a sticky or a pen!)

Well, I have summer books calling my name, so I will check in with you all later.  Hope you are having a fantastic summer!

Email Suprises

Just took a survey for LJ.  That was a blast from the past.  The site customization options look like something out of 2003.  Even the ones they want you to pay for.  Not worth it, sorry, LJ – you will need a major redesign and a non-user pay monetization scheme in order to even approach being relevant in today’s blogsphere.  Sorry dudes.  It was fun back in the day – and if some things that happened hadn’t happened, you might have been able to hold on to those of us who ended up on FB against our wills.

Balancing Creativity and Parenthood

Originally posted on Freelance Life:

Like many creatives¹, I spent a lot of my younger years lost in a swirl of daydreams, fantasies, and surges of creative expression. I could set pen to paper whenever the mood struck. Skills practise never felt like work; it was only the refinement of a project in progress.  There were no deadlines, no expectations other than my own — a piece was done when I called it done.  And if one piece sat unfinished while I explored other ideas, so be it.  Time was not a commodity.

Of course, the utopia of youth never lasts, and all too quickly there are bills to pay, responsibilities that never give you a day off, and for some of us, loud, clumsy little people who are in constant need of our undivided attention.

Finding the Time to Create

When children come into your life, two things become a coveted luxury: sleep and alone time…

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Thoughts and Feels

Hello all –

The last couple of months have been fairly transforming for me.  I have been reading a couple of books on sacred sound, I have been working my way towards a daily jogging program, eating well, losing weight and toning up.  I’ve also been getting my studio in order and along with my body, I have been getting my art skills back into shape.  Progress, while slow, is very awesome to see.

I have even been thinking more and more that maybe the time has come to close down ALTP in favour of new projects and new paths.  I came by to take a look around, and I just fell in love with my blog all over again.  <3

I know that things will probably not go back to the way that they were, and I am going to be making a few changes.  I have tried to put together comprehensive Wheel of the Year articles, and I have been working on that page for years.  That page, is one that is going to be retired – I may go back to finish it, but it will be invisible until it is actually finished.  There will be a couple other changes – I’ll post again when they are finished.

There are a few non-blog related projects coming up on the horizon.  I’m not fully sure how they will be incorporated into the blog, but I will figure it out.

I do want to thank you all for coming along for the ride, and being patient with me while I flail about, fluttering here and there.

The Plan 2015

I have been having a ridiculously difficult time writing this post.  Well, writing any posts at all, really.  I have been dealing with a hefty case of the winter blahs, and it has been sapping all of my ability to brain.

I have moments of clarity and inspiration, but by the time I find a pen to write it down, it’s gone.  Free writing/word association has helped a bit with getting the thoughts out of my head, but beyond that, stringing two thoughts together has been a bit of a challenge.  This is a difficult time for me as I still feel that energizing push to travel new paths and learn new things in honour of the new year.

The sunshine of the last couple of weeks has helped to lift the winter fog.  And while it may be a coincidence, I am also going to credit the coming of the Lunar new year.  Yay, Year of the Ram and the season of Pisces!

It’s been more years than I would like to think since I have worked on advancing my own path.  For some strange reason, inspiration tends to strike at right about the same time that I start considering joining teaching traditions.  It would seem that well travelled, nicely groomed and cared for trails generate a “run off and do my own thing” response in me.

Finally, I have settled on exploring the concept of sacred sound – be it chanting, singing, drumming, mantras, etc.  I am interested in delving more deeply into the assorted vibrations that echo through the universe and create change in the world.  I have found a couple of books on Amazon that I am going to be reading through.  If I find them useful, I may review them here.  I haven’t written a book review in a good long time.

I am excited for the warming weather, and the promise of the coming year.  Cheers all!

Pagan Perspectives


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