This is my “C” post for the PBP, (read back a few posts if you’re not sure what that is) but it is also a post that I think is really needed in the vast array of online learning resources.

Centering is often a term that is paired with Grounding – as in ‘Ground and Center’.  However, the technique of Centering on it’s own seems to be overlooked.  This is a shame since of these two skills, Centering is the one you’re meant to learn first.

Your center is your core.  It’s where your stability and strength comes from.  All your future energy work is built on this foundation.  Without foundation you end up with slanty floors and cracked ceilings.

Many of the articles that I found that do mention Centering separately tell you that your center is the center of your head. Umm, no.  Not really.  Meditation is not all in your head.  It’s a whole body exercise.

I’m sure that most reading this have heard the term ‘core muscles’ in terms of fitness.  They are called that because they are the muscles that hold you up.  They need to be strong for the rest of your body to work effectively.

Your center, your core, isn’t in the center of your head.  It’s the center of YOU.  It’s not going to be the same for everyone, but your center and your third eye, are different things.

As with everything, there are multiple methods available to help you find your center.  One method is to “Follow [your] blood around your body as it moves and “look” around to see what you can find.

You may find a spot, located between the breastbone and the navel, possibly lower, that seems to be more solid. It may have a dark, firm feel to it, or it may be a ball of light. It might also be a combination of the two.” [1]

Another author suggests “Your center is somewhere within [the] velvety-blackness [of nonthought].  When you have reached a state of nonthought, you will have reached your center, which is a state of tranquility.” [2]

However you find it, whatever it looks like, finding your center isn’t an experience that should be rushed.  I can remember when I first began meditating, learning energy-work was the ‘goal’.  I wanted to move through each step as quickly as possible, so I could start ‘doing the cool stuff’ – casting spells, wards, charms, drawing down, etc.

Looking back now, I think that I robbed myself of some very valuable experiences that I am only now discovering.  Being able to sit and focus on your breath and heartbeat are a big part of the ‘cool stuff’.  Turning your focus inward enough to feel the imperceptible movement your body makes in time with your heartbeat is incredible.

As a new mom, finding even five minutes a day to call my own is itself a tall task.  Part of me does long to dive in and rush back to the point I was at 3-4 years ago, but there were reasons for my hiatus, and burnout was not the least among them.

This time, each rose will be fully appreciated, not just sniffed in passing.  We’ll see what difference a stronger foundation can make.

A note to anyone else trying to fit Craft practise in with raising a baby: Naptime is your friend!  And if you fall asleep while meditating, it’s ok.  Sleep is good for you too.

1: Dragonclan Witchcraft – Jet Blackthorn © 2000

2: Witchcraft Theory and Practise – Ly de Angeles © 2000

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