Charge of the Goddess

This post is not the classic Charge poem as written by Doreen Valiente.  If you’re looking for that piece, you can find it on her website.

In this post is a revised version of the poem designed to fit my personal beliefs.  It is a seeker’s exercise from Wheel Dancing Tradition.

I first wrote this Charge many years ago, but as I am in the process of rededication and review of the basics, I thought I would dig it out and have another look.  Mostly I’m interested in seeing how my beliefs and writing styles have changed over the last five or six years.

Hearken the words of the Star Goddess, Mother of All things who, in times gone by, has been called by many names and has worn many faces:

Come my children! Dance with the spirit of me under the light of the silver moon, and I will reveal to you all those secrets that are yet unknown. Dance the dance of freedom, my witches! Tear free your clothing and dance! Sing and feast, make music and love, all in my praise. My gifts to you are the ecstasy of the spirit and the joy of the flesh. Turn niether away, and pass my love onto all beings.

Keep pure your highest ideal and strive ever towards it. Find my secrets hidden at the gates of Tir N’Og, in the libation of the Holy Grail, and in the waters of the Cauldron of Rebirth. It was my Joy that danced the heavens into being, and my body that encircles the Universe. I am the beauty of the green earth, the white face of the moon and the mysteries of the deepest black waters. I call unto you:

I am the very force of nature. Every season, every element of the world bears my likeness. I give life to everything born into the world, and to my arms all things return. Work to reveal your innermost divinity and be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite.

Feel my worship in the carefree laughter of a child or a kiss on a balmy summer night, for all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. Keep always within your heart beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence.

To those who would spend a lifetime chasing my visage through the sky, know this: If that which you seek you do not find within yourself, you will never find it with out. I have been with you from the moment of soul conception, and I will be there to take your hand when all desires cease.

© Phae Talon 2005

I still like it 🙂  It could use a polish here or there, but it still speaks to me.  Perhaps now is the time to put brush to canvas and create something that will hang on my wall.

4 thoughts on “Charge of the Goddess”

      1. Me, TOO! We’ve remained the same at our core. Not because we haven’t grown and changed, but because we *knew who we were* even back then. I find that very heartening. 🙂

        1. Me too. It’s good to see that my cobbled-together path is the right one for me. I get a little anxious about still not having any coven or formal lineaged training. But I must be doing something right if I keep coming back to it.

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