44 Weeks of Witchery

I ran across this idea while surfing the Mom’s a Witch blog, and I thought it was a great project to fill things out a bit between my other weekly/bi-weekly posts.  Though instead of doing 44 days of Witchery (which I would never in the world be able to keep up with), I’m going to do 44 weeks of Witchery – on Wednesdays, I think.  Witchy Wednesdays.

The first 11 tasks/topics are listed below, to view all 44, please feel free to visit Mom’s a Witch, and browse her answers there as well. Weeks 1 thru 11 are:

  1. What’s your witchy background?
  2. A myth or story from folklore.
  3. Witchy tools: Athame.
  4. Picture of nature (water element).
  5. A favoured Goddess.
  6. A favoured God.
  7. Air element.
  8. A photo of a magical place outdoors.
  9. A favourite mythological animal.
  10. Your sun sign.
  11. Witchy tools: Oils

If you want to play too, tag your posts with ‘Witchy Wednesdays’, maybe grab one of the images below to add to your post.  I’d also love it if you leave a comment on Pagan Perspectives FB page so that I can read your Witchery posts.

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