Kitchen Scraps Garden: Week 3

A few weeks ago, I posted about a story I’d found regarding growing a garden from your kitchen scraps.  I fell in love with this idea.  I’ve always had a gift when it comes to growing trees (and yet, my trees never stay with me long), and it has been a good long time since I’ve had any plant at all.

I’m used to the ever-present green of the Pacific Northwest, so moving to Calgary with its winter coat of beige has been a bit of an adjustment for me (to say the least).

To help ease my transition, I have picked up an ivy vine (ivy is nearly impossible to kill, so I figure it can probably survive anywhere), and I’m starting an herb garden this spring.

So far as my little kitchen trees go, here is their progress so far:

This is my little Scrapple.
Trees grow fast! This is just two days from the first.

My baby apple tree seems to be doing well.  My first set of lemon seeds didn’t sprout for me, so I have another couple soaking.  It’s looking promising.

Nothing yet from my avocado, but it’s still early.

Has anyone else given this method a try?

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