Book of the Week: Living Druidry

Living Druidry written by Emma Restall Orr is a glimpse at a religious practice that strives for total harmony with the natural world. The earth holds a romantic, poetic quality when seen through the eyes of a neo-Druid.

The guided meditations in this book are especially engaging, and if I found nothing else to love about this book, then I would have still gotten my money’s worth. The author puts forth some interesting theories concerning the divine that may appeal to those Pagans who have a difficult time holding on to the idea of personified deity.

There are some great exercises that deal with heightening the senses, and opening oneself to subtle communion with trees, animals and the world around you. This book paints Druidry as a very solitary path with emphasis on inner work.

Since reading this book, I have discovered that there is some debate over Orr’s work in the British Pagan Community. Many Celtic Recons seem to think that she is co-opting their faith by practicing what they refer to as ‘American Eclectic Wicca’, and calling it Druidry because that term is more fashionable. What it seems to me to be is more a case of some folks wanting the term ‘Druid’ all to for their own, and tossing anything that remotely resembles Witchcraft under the heading of ‘Wicca’.

My suggestion would be to read the books and make up your own mind. I found that Living Druidry really spoke to the artist in me. I have heard from some folks that her writing style can be difficult to follow and that they had problems distinguishing which parts were real and which parts were inner journeying. I didn’t have this problem when reading the text.

This book is a must have for anyone who feels a pull towards deep ecology or is seeking to bring more nature worship into their path.

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