BOTW: The Real Witches Garden

The Real Witches’ Garden by Kate West is filled with some great ideas for those who want to add a bit of the natural world to their magical practice.

If you have never had a garden before, then this is a good book to help you out in getting started in that direction. However, if you do know how to take care of plants, there isn’t a lot that is new in this volume.

It’s written in a chatty, comfortable style, and was a fairly enjoyable read. I especially liked the part about creating and giving ‘spell plants’. I think that the idea of a growing spell is a wonderful one, and having tried it myself a few years ago, I can attest personally to how well it does indeed work.

There are a few ideas for those living in apartment buildings, but it does tend to assume that everyone will have sufficient light and space for a large indoor garden. Sometimes you have to get really creative with container gardening, and while I did like this part, I felt that photographs would really have enhanced this book.

Some sections in this book are also a little redundant. I think that it would generally be safe to assume that if someone is reading about magical gardening, that they do know a little something about magic (which I realize isn’t always the case, but how many specialty books really need a ‘What is Witchcraft?’ section to them?).

While I wouldn’t buy this book again, and have since donated my copy, I think that it does have some value for those who believe themselves to be ‘black-thumbed’.  If you’ve always wanted to add green life to your practise and your home, this is a good place to start.

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One thought on “BOTW: The Real Witches Garden”

  1. The most useful portion of this book, for me, was the section that discussed the best times to plant various plants. For instance, vining plants should be planted during the 2nd quarter of the moon. I used that bit to plan my planting.

    Overall, I did find it rather elementary Wicca-ish, though enjoyable.

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