Witchy Wednesday: Charge of the God

I have had this post sitting and waiting on me to write it for a few weeks now.  I wanted to write-up a meditation on the Horned God and what forms he takes in my beliefs and why he wears antlers rather than true horns; but there is much more meditation and fact-checking that will go into an article like that, and I have too much jostling around in my mind to focus on an article of that depth.

So, what I’m going to do instead is post my re-write of the Charge of the God, which was an assignment in the Witchcraft Lessons from DragonClan Tradition.

Hear the call of the Lord of All Creatures,
Whose path leads within and without,
He who of old was called by a thousand names,
But was in need of none:

I am the power of the staff and blade,
Of wisdom, of war,
Of creation and destruction.
I am the divine king who dies that my people may go on.

I am the hunter and the hunted.
Run with me.
Feel the flames of your Passion.
Sing the legend of your Soul.

I am life and I am death.
I am the very essence of Mortality.
My gift and my challenge to you is life.
Embrace it!

Face me,
The Eternally Sacrificed.
I am the bull that feeds you through the winter.
I am the grain cut down for your bread.

I am the warmth of the Summer Sun,
And the Distant Light of Winter.
I stir your desire.
I call you to the Dance of Life and Death.

Come celebrate the spirit of the earth, 
Embrace the ecstasy of new life.
Run through the lush green of summer.
Dance to your beating heart in the rain .

Join me in the hunt.
Spill your blood upon the ground.
Chase me in the hunt.
Witness the mystery as my blood feeds the earth.

Then sit with me by the fire.
Sing tales of glory.
Drink deeply of the wine.
Free your heart; embrace your nature.
Experience lust and love, growth and death, the hunt and the revelry.

Know you who seek to know me,
that your searching and yearning will avail you not,
until you come to know the mystery:

You will face me, learn from me,
and face my judgement before the gates of the Underworld.
For I am that which is within you and without.

I am father, and I am son.
I am ally and opponent.
I am alpha and omega.
And I am here for you.

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