Pagan Values Event 2012

I find myself a bit conflicted on this sort of idea, but I can’t say that I think it would be a bad idea to participate. If you had to pick one thing to share with the outside world about your faith’s values, what would it be?

The Pagan Values Blogject

Welcome to the 2012 Pagan Values event.

Started as a blog carnival in 2009 and expanded into an open event for bloggers and podcasters in 2010, this event lasts the month of June and provides a bully pulpit for Pagans and Polytheists and many others to speak about our Values.  In a world where our many faiths and paths are often held up for ridicule or as straw dogs of evil for Fundamentalists, it would be easy to remain silent; especially as articulating our values and how we act upon them challenges the Fundamentalist’s claim of ownership over all Values and Virtues, and can attract unwanted attention from them

However, in not articulating these things we also miss out on the friendships and connections that can arise with like-minded folks of many Faiths and Paths.  We miss out on the opportunity to speak the Truth of who we are and…

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5 thoughts on “Pagan Values Event 2012”

    1. I am of the general belief that religious freedom means not having to justify myself to outsiders. If how I live my life is not a good enough indication of my values for someone, then they aren’t the type of person I want to be around anyway. I shouldn’t have to prove that I am not a bad person.

      It feels to me like acknowledging Christianity’s right to look down on us to try and prove that we have morals and ethics that make us ‘worthy’ of tolerance. I like the idea of contemplation of our personal ethics and lore, but for our own benefit – not so that Joe Fundimentalist down the street will suddenly understand that we aren’t actually going to boil his cat alive.

        1. I do look forward to seeing the posts of other bloggers in relation to Pagan values. I am working on a series of articles on ethics, myself, but they won’t be ready in time for this project – and I think I’m ok with that 🙂

  1. Well,
    I can see where you are coming from with that. For myself when I started the Pagan Values event I was concerned with the fact that certain segments of the Fundamentalist Right within Christianity were always portraying themselves as the only exemplars/possessors of Values and Virtues… and doing a search on the topic of Pagan Values brought up academic discussions and translations of works from Ancient Paganism… but nothing contemporary…

    I also believe that by discussing our values, Contemporary Pagans can also find line of commonality across the lines of Tradition and Praxis that can help us pull together as interwoven communities of faith…


    PS_ whenever you get your posts up drop me a line on the Pagan Values Blogject!

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