I think it’s safe to say that it’s officially summer here in Calgary.  At least summer as this West Coast kid knows it.  I’m sure it will get hotter, but for me, this is it.

As a result, I’m going to be spending a lot more time outside enjoying nature, playing with my newly 1 y/o baby, reading, and getting back to my other arts.  I’ll still post here.  I’m pretty sure that I can keep up with the PBP at least – ‘L’ is coming up next.  However, I may not be keeping up with the book reviews or the Witchy Wednesday meme.

Not to say that it won’t happen.  I hear I have thunderstorms to look forward to out here, so you never know, but I’m not going to push myself to keep a schedule of blogging when I would rather be out living.  I tend to prefer real life is all.

I’ve got an account at DeviantArt if anyone is interested in seeing what ‘other arts’ entails.  My username is phaetalon.

Have a great summer, folks – I’m sure I’ll see you all again prolifically in the fall.

One thought on “Semi-Hiatus”

  1. “My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”
    -Anais Nin

    How appropriate 🙂

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