Home Again Home Again, Vacation is Done

Well, sort of.  I’m behind on all my PBP posts.  I’m gonna try to get caught up on that in the next couple of weeks.  It is canning season, though, so I may still be a bit MIA until September, my faithful visitors.  I know you understand.  Who can stay inside and blog when it’s so sunny and warm outside?

I am also more than a week behind on the Gratitude Project.  This blog project was envisioned years ago by a good friend of mine.  The idea is to post one thing you are grateful for each and every day from Lammas to Mabon.

I was busy with school and a new pregnancy last year, and so I gave myself a pass, but I think that I need to hop back on the band wagon for 2012.  I have a lot to be grateful for this year.

I think that rather than sit and come up with 9 things in one shot to catch up, what I’ll do is hop on here and continue with one per day to the end of the project.  To make up for the delay, I’m going to create a Gratitude Project craft of some sort to illustrate visually all the things that matter most to me.

I’ll post pics when it’s done, and a tutorial over on my Blogger virtual studio: Cultivate Art

I have a lot of other Crafty projects in mind, and maybe a blog theme style project for my new blog.  I do have a house to outfit after all … Feel free to check over there from time to time.

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