Draw it Again: Completed.

Here she is, just as I promised, Eden! Completed and entered into the ‘Draw it Again’ contest (with roughly 5 hours to spare!).



If anyone is interested, here is the entry image:

Michaels’ craft stores are having a 40% off sale on Copic markers, so I am going to be picking up a handful while they are $5 a piece.  Once I have more colours in my collection, I think I will do a couple more of Eden.

The more I work on her, the more her character fleshes out in my mind.  I have some ideas that I think will be a lot of fun.

First, though, I have a piece that I’ve started sketching for Halloween.  I’m going to be working with different lighting directions than I’m used to.  Spooky!

Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Draw it Again: Completed.”

    1. It’s just the name I gave to the character I drew. The woman who does the stock photography I used as a reference uses the account name Eden-stock, so I thought it was appropriate 😉

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