Perspicacity and Pagan Art

Perspicacity as defined by Merriam-Webster is:

acute mental vision or discernment

More specifically, it’s the ability to understand or gain insight. As much fun as it is to say, perspicacity strikes me as a unifying core goal of many, if not most, Pagan paths.  We seek to understand; to grow our vision to see all that the world(s)/universe is and has to offer.

How we do this is as unique as each Pagan’s personal path.  One favourite way of growing our vision is through the work of the Pagan Artist.  Whether working with leathers, cloth, wood, animal parts, clay or paints, we seem to have an insatiable appetite for all things Pagan art.  Especially when that art depicts the magic and gods we can feel but rarely see.

A search of the word ‘pagan’ on DeviantArt brings more than 63,000 results.  A google search for pagan art brings millions more.  Many of our favourite artists class themselves as fantasy artists rather than Pagan artists.

Each of us has a different vision when we think of what Pagan art is or should be.  Religious philosophy has fueled the art of the great masters for centuries.  Sometimes I would really love to see a major gallery showing of Pagan artists.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though that is the style of many of our artists.  Even my own style of art is more in keeping with cartoons and comic books than with what you would classically find in an art gallery.

And while I may someday do a series of classically styled works, at this point, it is more important for me to work in a style that will help me to rebuild my skill level and express myself in the way I am most comfortable.

Art, in it’s many-faceted and varied expressions, is a passion.  An artist creates because they have no choice.  Even in all the years that my pencils and brushes sat unused, there was no way to silence my muse.  The creativity came out in other ways.

And while it would be nice if no one needed to worry about making a living, if you love Pagan art, it’s cool to make an effort to support it (art supplies aren’t free, alas).  Even if all you do is offer feedback to the artist and help spread the word about their work.*

With that in mind, check out a few of my favourite Pagan artists (some of whom are also good friends):

Mattie’s Place
The Green Wolf
Dreams of Gaia
Ice Bear
Jane Tripp
Jonathon Earl Bowser

If you wanna see what I do in my limited spare time, you can find me on DeviantArt, Facebook, and at my Online Gallery.

*Do I need to put a blurb about respecting copyright?  Didn’t think so 😉

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