Twenty-Five Things

This idea came to me last night between waiting for the baby to fall asleep and wishing that I had heavier curtains so I didn’t have to stare at the damned street light outside my window all night long.

For the letter T of the Pagan Blog Project, I am going to make a list.  25 Awesome Things – either things that I have done or experienced and have judged to be awesome.

Everyone makes a bucket list with lots of grandiose adventures that they wish they had the time and money to have.  My list will be a little different.  With satisfaction still in mind, I am going to be thinking of the magical parts of every day life.  Things that make life worth living, no added income/time/whatever required.

Without further ado:

25 Awesome Things:

  1. Watching a baby sleep
  2. Fresh vegetables in the middle of winter
  3. Watching snow fall outside your window with a yummy hot drink and a blanket wrapped around your shoulders
  4. The fireplace channel during the holidays
  5. That feeling you get when a song from your teens comes on the radio, and you find yourself singing/bopping along to it.
  6. Sunshine on your face
  7. Morning dew on a spider’s web
  8. A holiday/Sunday meal made with love and shared with family and friends (nothing tastes better!)
  9. Feeling strong and healthy again after having been sick
  10. Baby kisses & hugs
  11. Coming home to a cozy, warm house after a long day
  12. Bubbles
  13. The smell of wet earth just after a heavy rainfall
  14. A solid, uninterrupted nights’ sleep
  15. Candle light
  16. A long, hard laugh that makes your sides ache
  17. Window frost
  18. Cherry blossoms
  19. Maple leaves the size of your head
  20. Kettle popped popcorn
  21. The smell of fresh-baked/baking bread
  22. Hoar frost
  23. Sand sculpture
  24. Lilac trees in bloom
  25. Live music

What are some of your favourite things, dear readers?

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