Witchy Wednesday: Aquarius

This week for Witchy Wednesday, we take a look at my sun sign, Aquarius.  Despite being often depicted as a mermaid, Aquarius is actually an air sign.

Aquarius, as the 11th sign of the zodiac, is the Water Bearer.  Aquarians are thought to be the modern, creative, philanthropic wild child.  The symbolism of the water bearer is of the pouring out of life-giving water to mankind.  In the case of Aquarius, the water bearer is pouring out ideas and thoughts as a way of moving life and civilization forward in its evolution.

Being a fixed sign, Aquarians can be stubborn in their opinions and slow to change their minds.  I can attest to this trait personally.

Aquarians are also said to be freedom loving and solitary in nature.  It’s difficult to tie them down as they love to try new things and to visit new places.  Being with an Aquarius is a lesson in patience as we tend to live in our minds and imaginations a lot, and while passionate people, we are slow to make commitments.

For more info on Aquarians, check out Astrology.com

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