BOTW: A Wise Woman’s Guide

I found this book in my local library back in about 2006 or so, and since I only read it once, there isn’t a whole lot that I remember about it.  What I do remember, I’ll post here, but as it is an older volume, I would recommend checking your library for it as I doubt you’d be able to find it in a brick and mortar book store.

I remember liking this book pretty well.  It is a compilation that dates back to before the myth of ancient goddess religions fell out of favour, and there was a lot of what we now know is revisionist history in it.  That said, it wasn’t so blatantly anti-male that it was unreadable for a more moderate feminist, such as myself.

The text covers topics that you’d expect to see in Pagan books from the early/mid 90s – tarot, solitary Wicca-styled ritual and spellcraft,  herbalism, chakras, development of psychic skills, etc.  There were some great guided meditations, and some interesting views on cultural goddesses through history.

I imagine that this book was geared towards those working in a more f feminist Witchcraft or Goddess worship framework, but I found it to be a good read, and if I happened across it again, I would probably pick it up just to refresh my memory.  I’m a big fan of books that are a compilation of input from various authors.


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