Thoughts and Prayers

oceanmother2_nomnomiconsIt’s taken some time for me to get my thoughts in order regarding the mass loss of life that took place on Friday.

I reposted an article written by a good friend of mine on the various issues surrounding these events.  Over the past couple of days the issue has dissolved into political debates and arguments over whether guns need to be regulated or if it the fault of the mental health care system.

I had a rather lengthy article written about the feelings many seem to be having in regards to the failing of whatever divinity was responsible for the safeguarding of the children and educators.  But I deleted it.  It wasn’t the gods’ job to safeguard those children.  It was ours.  We failed them.

The gods have done their part.  They have guided them to whatever lies beyond.

And while I am removed from the immediacy of this incident by the Canadian border, different laws and a different culture, I am still hurting for everyone who has lost, and everyone who will never again see this time of year as joyous.  I don’t want to talk about politics or faith in times of crisis.

For now, I just want to sit with my little one, play ponies and trucks, and watch Bubble Guppies.

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