Have a Gluten-Free New Year’s Eve

008--shoegal_icons-14In keeping with our look at Twelfth Night/New Year’s celebrations, I wanted to put together a post on how to have your cake while keeping it gluten-free.  Some things are super easy, and others require a bit of extra thought and planning.

To start the celebrations off, dig out the crock pot, and get your wassail brewing! If you are without a slow cooker (go get one!!), then this traditional recipe shows you how to make your wassail stove top.  Serve with GF toast triangles or omit the toast all together to keep it gluten-free.

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If wassail isn’t your thing, there are always a multitude of champagne cocktails to suit everyone’s taste.  For those who don’t partake in alcohol, your local grocery store will almost certainly have both soft cider and sparkling juice options available.

The next project to undertake, will be your Twelfth Night or King’s cake.  Now, I haven’t made this one yet myself, but it seems a fairly straight forward substitution.  I am a big fan of Bob’s Red Mill baking products, and their gluten-free bread mix is what I would grab to replace the bread flour in this recipe.

If you’ve never worked with gluten-free bread before, keep in mind that it tends to get crazy sticky.  I always keep some rice flour on hand to cover my counter with when kneading. Another option is to let your bread maker do the kneading for you.  You can set it to dough, and pick up the recipe at step 5.

I will be sure to write up a proper review of this recipe once I have tried it for myself.

To add some extra sweetness to your cake, a few honey roasted pears with raspberry wine drizzle on the side can add just the right touch.  Additionally, if you want to have a few more options than cake and roasted pears, you can whip up an assortment of appetizers that your family and friends won’t even realize are gluten-free:

Have a happy and safe New Year’s, folks!  And remember, if you’re drinking, don’t be driving.

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