Witchy Wednesday: Favourite Witchy Website

working_bitsy_iconsThis is another of the questions that I have been putting off.  It’s hard for me to say what my favourite websites are since the sort of Pagan sites I follow aren’t really static websites.

I learned my Craft through books and experience, back when the Pagan Web was pretty small and not terribly helpful.  The best places were community pages where you could go and interact with others of like mind.

Witchvox was, and still is, a very central hub of the online Community, and I always tend to send newbies there when they ask.  Back in the day, A Witches Thicket was a thriving community full of helpful info and awesome people.  We’ve all moved on more or less over the years, but some of us occasionally check in.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To keep up on the latest in Pagan news around the world, be sure to check out the Wild Hunt.  The majority of the rest of the websites I frequent these days are the blogs of fellow Pagans or online stores.  A handful of my favourite blogs can be found in the links widget to the right every blog post.

Oh, and before I forget, I want to be sure and plug Pagan Living TV.  For those who haven’t heard, they are a Pagan-themed news show based in Minneapolis, I believe.  If I had cable, I would so be harassing my local provider to find a way to carry them.  Their show is produced weekly.  If you check it out and you love it, consider donating to their Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for badly needed professional equipment.  Having been in the recording industry, I know what a difference quality equipment makes.

So, there you have it.  My favourite places on the web.  What are some of your favourite online hangouts?


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