The Gratitude Project 2013 Edition

Well, I can tell you that summer pregnancy while chasing a toddler around is some serious exhausting.  Most days, it’s hard to think beyond, “Gotta pee … again.”  But, I would like to breathe a little more life into this blog again before my post birth recovery absence.  Since there are still a handful of us who participate in the GP, I figured this was the perfect light project to get me started blogging again.

For those unfamiliar with the Gratitude Project, the gist of it is to post at least one thing you are grateful for in your life every day between Lammas and the Equinox.  Also, it’s got to be a different something each day.  No repeats.  I don’t even remember when this started.  I do know that I think I started last year’s project on FB and then moved it to my blog, so 2012’s GP strangely starts on day 10 with no explanation.  I’m weird that way.  If you read regularly, you already know that.

This year I have been a little out of it due to fatigue and general lazy “I don’t wanna”ness.  But, I’m only a day late, so it still counts 😉

Day 1: Yesterday, I was grateful for understanding parents/doctors at my OB’s office who get that two year olds can be holy terrors for no reason at all.

Day 2: Today I am grateful for getting to sleep in until 11am.  I SO very much needed it.

Oh, and the Summer of No Pants thing I wanted to do, has mostly been a go – except on cold days while camping  – unfortunately, the sewing part was a bust.  We can try again next year 🙂

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