More Gratitude: Days 34 – 41

Day 34: I am grateful for finally being caught up on the bills.  It wasn’t a huge stressor, but it was definitely one we didn’t need.

Day 35:  I am grateful for sales on juice.  With a squished, end of pregnancy stomach, I don’t always have the space for just water.

Day 36: I am grateful that my little one likes milk.  She loves chocolate milk, but she often asks specifically for regular milk in the mornings.

Day 37: I am grateful for packages in the mail!  I love getting snail mail!  15 balls of yarn at once!  Yay Yarn sales!

Day 38: I am grateful to my mom for my ability to make handmade gifts for people.  Craftiness runs in the family and it’s great that I didn’t have to try to teach myself.

Day 39: I am grateful for sunshine with mild temperatures.  I like the sun a lot more when it isn’t trying to cook me.

Day 40: I am grateful for naptime (and I don’t care if this one is a repeat).  Naptime is an all important aspect of life that needs more recognition!

Day 41: I am grateful that my belly is small enough that I can reach to shave my own legs still.  It’s not easy, but I can do it!

Day 42:  I am grateful for an awesome hubby who went to 3 different grocery stores and 2 drug stores looking for my meal replacement shakes.  And not only did he finally find them, but he also came home with a gift certificate for a mani-pedi.  He is awesome!

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