Grateful Gratitude

I accept that I am not going to be doing this every day, but I do need to remind myself of the good things on days when I am feeling like a beached whale.

Day 42:  I am grateful that I only have about 2 weeks left of being pregnant.

43: I am grateful for the pre-baby shopping spree that has managed to get us all caught up on stuff we need.  I am a lot less stressed now that I have a new car seat and baby bed.

44: I am grateful that I still have another week before I have to get back on the “endless appointments” bandwagon.

45: I am grateful for rain.  Always.

46: I am grateful that 130+ people are interested in what I have to say.  I started blogging to just keep track of my own rantings and ravings so I wouldn’t bore my friends with it. lol

47: I am grateful for sleep-in snuggle babies.  It lets me get a couple of hours extra sleep and who doesn’t love watching a cuddly baby sleep??

48: I am grateful for chilly mornings that make the sleep-in snuggle baby possible 😀

49:  I am grateful for cardboard forts.  It’s free and keeps kids busy for hours.


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