Those Things That Make Up Stuff

I may have under estimated how much of my time would be taken up by trying to pack up house and move with two littles running around.  I haven’t managed to get out with my camera in a while.  But blog projects are flexible, right?  That the point of the whole ‘Blogging Without Obligation’ deal anyway.

It has come to the time of year that I am getting it in my head to write a few thinkie posts.  First up will be a look at where I am in the spectrum of ‘Paganism’ again.  I have pretty well completely withdrawn from the online community … it stopped actually feeling like a community some time ago.  One thing that I have noticed is that rudimentary Paganisms seem to have been absorbed by the homesteading/handiworks communities, which I think is awesome.

I love that concepts like living with gratitude, appreciating the moment, meditation, and a wholistic point of view are no longer things that scream “Pagan”.  It’s just something people do.  I guess if I had to think of a hope for modern Paganism, it would be that it stop being a thing that people noticed as different.  I believe that is slowly happening.  It makes me smile.

Here.  Have a Flower.
Here. Have a Flower.
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