Handmade Wardrobe: Part The Second

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This is the part where I daydream of spring and green and lovely light dresses and enjoying the sunshine without need of a coat.

Once again, I spent the spring equinox watching yet another layer of snow fall from the sky.  The Equinox used to be one of my favourite holidays.  These days, it just reminds me that we still have about 6 more weeks before spring is anywhere close to arriving.

I let is pass without fanfare.  This year, our small family will celebrate Ostara at Easter in the hopes that we will enjoy some sunshine and warmth.

I haven’t gotten terribly far on my Handmade Wardrobe knitting.  I think I am about at the halfway point of my first shawl, and just today, I cast on a lovely Liesl in Siide-Flauschig from my very first Yarnbox.

Being that we are mid-move, my sewing stuff is packed, but I finally fixed a lingering tension issue with my beloved machine.  Now it works like a dream.  Just as I remember it from when I was a kid.

When the new craft room is unpacked and set up, I will get to sewing some dresses and tops for myself and my little girl. I am terribly excited to explore the fabric stores in our new neighbourhood.  It’s still snowing (two days solid so far), so I figure I have plenty of time to get summer dresses made.  Many of the styles I have chosen can be layered for cold weather as well.

I love little girl clothes!
I love little girl clothes!

We have already picked out the style of Geranium that Little R wants.  Pockets in the skirt are a must!

As for the mommy clothes …

Mommy Style

A couple of dresses, a couple of comfy tops, and I am taking on the task of making a perfect fit, classic button down shirt.  I am also thinking that I’ll have to pick up a dress form this summer.

And on top of that, of course, are my various blankets, pillows, quilts, and other whatnots.  Those of you who have followed ALTP for a few years know that I tend to be an absentee blogger in the summer months.  But who can sit in front of a computer when warmth and green and sunshine are calling just beyond the window?

Ah, I can’t wait!  Go home snow!

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