Thoughts and Feels

Hello all –

The last couple of months have been fairly transforming for me.  I have been reading a couple of books on sacred sound, I have been working my way towards a daily jogging program, eating well, losing weight and toning up.  I’ve also been getting my studio in order and along with my body, I have been getting my art skills back into shape.  Progress, while slow, is very awesome to see.

I have even been thinking more and more that maybe the time has come to close down ALTP in favour of new projects and new paths.  I came by to take a look around, and I just fell in love with my blog all over again.  ❤

I know that things will probably not go back to the way that they were, and I am going to be making a few changes.  I have tried to put together comprehensive Wheel of the Year articles, and I have been working on that page for years.  That page, is one that is going to be retired – I may go back to finish it, but it will be invisible until it is actually finished.  There will be a couple other changes – I’ll post again when they are finished.

There are a few non-blog related projects coming up on the horizon.  I’m not fully sure how they will be incorporated into the blog, but I will figure it out.

I do want to thank you all for coming along for the ride, and being patient with me while I flail about, fluttering here and there.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts and Feels”

    1. It was a close call. I don’t post all that often anymore, but what it came down to is that after all these years, I finally have this place how I like it, so why rip it down to just have to start anew? I can post my new stuff here just as easily 🙂

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