How I Became a Blogger

I have about six other articles that are waiting to be written, but I have been feeling the need to decompress a bit first. This past week I have been working on putting a professional online presence together, and it got me to thinking about where I come from in terms of my online persona and writing in general.

When I was a child, I tried keeping a traditional diary.  I would keep it up for a while, but at some point, I would forget about it in favour of whatever new project had just caught my eye. Months or years later, I would find the journal, read it, decide it was all drivel, toss it, and start again.  This went on until the early 2000s, when I started my first online journal.  Back then, the hot platform was LiveJournal.  This is from my very first post in July of 2004:

[…] rather than burden my friends on the forums with my weird rantings, I have decided to start up my own blog … call it my own little corner of insanity […]

LiveJournal was a nice easy step from discussion forums because the Friend’s Page helped all us regulars in touch – back before we all ended up on Facebook, bemoaning it’s lack of anything substantive to read.  I was a sporadic poster, but between 2005 and 2008, I kept it up pretty regularly.

March 24, 2008 was the day I started A Less Travelled Path.  Back then, it was called Pagan Perspectives.  It was designed as a place to showcase my articles on Pagandom, and all of the elements of the webpage that I no longer felt I had the time to spend designing and coding by hand.

In the beginning were all my most popular articles, book reviews, and tidbits of news from around the web.  Then, as I became more active in the Pagan Blogging Community, came the assorted posting challenges and topical blog projects.  As my life changed over the years, the content, the look, and the name of this blog changed.

I’m still a sporadic poster.  I get great winds of inspiration, and in-depth articles get researched and written.  Other times, other projects (and kids) take my time and attention away from the online world.  It’s a give and take.

In between the other articles and pages that need setting up and writing, I think I will make up an archive page for ALTP so that the old work is a bit easier to find.  Hopefully, none of the old articles have become drivel over the last decade or so.

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