Witchy Wednesday – The Sun

Let’s talk about the sun.  It’s great, isn’t it?  It’s breathtaking when it rises, beautiful when it sets, it makes you warm, it makes things grow, it will burn you to a crisp if you’re out in it too long … ok, well, maybe it has it’s downsides too.  This week’s Witchy Wednesday catch-up post from the youtube Pagan Challenge list is all about the sun.

Me, I love the sun.  I love spring and summer, and longer days, and evenings spent out in the yard enjoying cool drinks, good food, and good company.

The Sabbats are all solar festivals, all about the changing year, and the growing and declining sun.  Litha has to be one of my favourite Sabbats, with its flowers and berries and wine and warm sunshine.  That said, I don’t think that I really see the sun as a god or a reflection of a divinity in itself.  Not in the same way that I see the moon as a reflection of goddess energy.

For me, I think of the sun as more representative of humanity and the human condition.  When I was first starting out, the Wheel of the Year tale that I learned used symbols of agriculture and community, and life growing and changing with the turning wheel.  It was an incredibly romantic image that stays with me even as my views on the Wheel and the stories associated with it have evolved to include different imagery.

When I think of the sun high in the sky, I still think of people coming out of their houses, apartments, whathaveyou, to drink in the rays and the life it provides. I think that the sun can represent humanity in other ways as well. When highly focused, it can start a fire that engulfs all in its path.  When distant, it can allow cold and disease to creep in and suffocate life. I think we can all think of instances when this is true of our collective attention.

And if I think about it, it also reinforces the Witch’s connection to the moon, with hir being one to step outside of mainstream society and into the hidden and divine realms.  Think I may have to meditate a bit more on that one.  I feel there might be a story there waiting to unfold more fully.

Next week (or more probably tomorrow since I am a couple of weeks behind), we talk about the end of March and what it means to me.  Cheers!

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