Witchy Wednesday – What Does Early Spring Mean to Me?

Here we are at our second “What does this time of year mean to you?” instalment of our Witchy Wednesday catch-up and YT Pagan Challenge off YouTube.

Right around now is just past Ostara, which we were travelling for, and mixed with an early Easter with relatives.  It was nice.  Littles were sick, so there was less exuberance than there might have been.

Today is April 1st – and while I don’t mind the day itself (it’s actually pretty sunny today), I despise April Fool’s Day.  I really wish it would just go away.  The art of the prank died a long time ago, and people being childish and dishonest in the attempt to make a “joke” is about as funny as listening to my kids cackle about how funny the word “butt” is.  Actually, it’s less funny because at least with the latter, I get to listen to kids laughing.  Child laughter is the best.

Early spring in Calgary is different every year.  Some years it snows, some years it’s cold and clear and frozen, and some years, like this year, it is warm and sunny.  This is the time of year when winter is finally giving up its dying breath.  It snowed last week.  This week, it rained and the temperature rose to 20° C.

It will be another few weeks, possibly a month, before the trees begin to pull out of their winter slumber with gusto.  One thing I will give this town, once spring begins, it busts out all at once.  Seemingly overnight the trees will be green and full of flowers, and the grass will have shed its tan winter coat for bright new green mantle.  That is about my favourite time of year.  That and the first real rainstorm.

We are just back from the coast, and I have to say, I miss it already, and my mind is swirling with plans to try to get us back there on a permanent basis.  For now, I need to remain patient — like the trees basking in the early spring sunlight.  Jump too soon, and an April snow will freeze off all your tender new shoots.

Biding my time.  That is what this time of year means to me.  Next up in our catch-up list, we talk divination techniques.  Sweet!  Expect lots of photos!



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