Witchy Wednesday – Magic

Hey folks!  This week we are talking about Magic.  I don’t use a ‘k’ in the spelling because I think it’s silly.  I will tell you that it took a seriously long time to train myself not to, though.  And I still sometimes slip.

I wasn’t feeling all up to writing out my thoughts today since I have other projects I am working on, so get this … I made a video instead.  Can you say multitasking?  Coffee makes me superwoman, I swear (we were out of coffee for a lot of this week – horror, I know it).

My views on magic are pretty much as I stated in the video.  I don’t worry too much on the hows or the whys.  I’ve practised for a lot of years, so I have a system that works for me.  Though, I am always up for trying new techniques if I feel they will be able to fit into my current practise.  I tend not to go for a lot of high ceremony – I’m a Witch.  I do down and dirty.

Without further ado, here is my epic video of my own self painting a box!  Enjoy.

Next week we are talking about spellwork.  Interesting.  Until then.

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