Witchy Wednesday – Spells

Do you perform spells on a regular basis?

An interesting question for this week’s (probably a couple week’s ago now) Witchy Wednesday.  The over all answer is no, I don’t cast on a regular basis.

When I was younger, I tended to believe that spells were a somewhat last resort when everything else you had tried had failed.  It’s not what I would tell others when they asked for advice, but it was a weird standard I held myself to.  I collected research, spells, rituals, lore, etc, but I rarely used any of it in a practical sense.

Then came my Saturn’s Return, and I turned away from the Craft pretty well all together.  I still considered myself pagan, but in the small ‘p’ sense where I just didn’t want any part of spirituality or the like.

In the past few years, I have been slowly working my way back into my Craft, and really, until this year, I haven’t felt the need to cast anything.  Life was pretty easy, and aside from wishing that I could twitch my nose and clean the house, or chant an incantation that would put my kids to sleep at night, I didn’t really have a lot of need for spells. I did keep up on my meditation and grounding skills because they had fallen by the wayside, but that was really about it.

Then recently, a group of friends and I began creating large workings to help influence change in the world.  There are places outside our lives that need our power and our skills, and that work really gave me a sense of purpose with my spells.  And as sometimes happens, the more you cast, the more you see instances when you should.

I have a few spells for the spring lined up for myself, and then through the summer, I will probably do some more charitable/empowerment workings for causes that are important to me.

Maybe ask me again in six months if I cast on a regular basis, and the answer might be yes.

Next week I will be jumping on the topic of Spiritual Practises.  Might be a short one.  Cheers!

One thought on “Witchy Wednesday – Spells”

  1. I find myself somewhat at a standstill with my crafting but I think that might be due to me figuring out and fine tuning my path more and putting my own spin on things and making my own rules when it comes to my belief. I do hope to get back into it though. I do miss it sometimes.

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