Book Reviews

This is the new improved book reviews page.  For now it is still mostly Pagan books, but in the future, I hope to add a little variety to the title list.

Pagan Non-Fiction:

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews”

  1. Good reading list – I have at least 1/2 of these in my library, although I admit that there are few that I got 100% completed with (I tend to get excited & start practicing before I’m done reading – inspiration strikes). My coven is currently studying Evolutionary Witchcraft by T Thorn Coyle & I really love her methods & readability. We’ve been practicing the devotional dances both individually and as a group – the power is there. (plus it’s fun to do!)

    1. Funny you should mention that. I just finished reading EW yesterday. I’m still digesting, but I hope to start working on the review soon.

      I have actually read all of the books on my list, but many of them were so long ago that a refresher can’t hurt 😉 I do know about getting over excited and wanting to start practicing before finishing the book. It was really hard to resist that with Evolutionary Witchcraft.

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