52 Weeks of Witchery

I had pulled this page down when I lost momentum on the 44 Weeks of Witchery Project back in 2012.  But, with the new YouTube Pagan Challenge going, I thought I would revamp it a bit and follow along in my own semi-video way.  That is to say that some of the posts may contain videos, but most will be written, or have already been written (which is why some will contain the 44 Weeks of Witchery graphic and others will not).

I originally came upon the 44 Witchy Blogger Project when visiting Emberlyn Rayne’s Mom’s a Witch. Her project took place over the course of 44 days.  Since there is really no way that I can keep up with a daily project, I decided to make it into my Witchy Wednesdays.

For 2016, I’ll be filling it out an adjusting it a bit to fall in line with the video project from YouTube.  Anyone who wants to have a bash at Witchy Wednesdays is welcome to hop in at any point.

The List of Topics:

  • Affirmations*
  • Familiars & Guides
  • Crystals
  • This Time of Year(July Edition)
  • Tools*
  • Pagan Art
  • Pagan Music
  • A Favourite Place to Visit
  • Ley Lines
  • Chakras & Auras
  • Enlightenment
  • This Time of Year (September Edition)
  • Shadow
  • The Good Neighbours
  • After Life
  • Ancestors
  • This Time of Year (October Edition)
  • Most Influential to My Path
  • Influential Books
  • Talking to Non-Pagans
  • Spiritual Doubt
  • Fulfillment
  • Avoiding Stagnation
  • Advice for Newbies
  • This Time of Year(December Edition)
  • What Have You Learned This Year? Next Year’s Goals.



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