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Apple Harvest – The List

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Apples are one of my most favourite treats of the harvest season (they are right up there with new potatoes).  Year after year, I want to make all kinds of yummy apple dishes, but end up with the same old pork roast with apples, apple crisp, and apple sauce.  This year, I am making a list of awesome recipes so that I don’t forget what I want to make, and where I can get the recipes to make it!

I think I will stick this to the front page so I can easily update it.  Look for new posts below this one 🙂

Here is the list thus far:


Slow cooker stuffed roasted apples

Slow cooker apple cider

Slow cooker apple butter


Apple spice muffins (GF)

Apple fritters

Apple fritter cake


Apple bacon pancakes

Have any awesome harvest apple recipes to share?  Feel free to comment below.  Happy appling!

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Syringa Vulgaris aka Lilac

A lilac bush (Syringa vulgaris) showing a pani...
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Lilac has always been one of my favourite flowers.  It smells strong and beautiful, and where I grew up it was fairly rare to find it in folk’s gardens.  Calgary, on the other hand, is drowning in lilac.  It’s everywhere – no exaggeration here – it’s in every second garden on my street alone.  And it’s in bloom.  My entire neighbourhood is filled with the perfume of lilac.  I love it!

With such a plentiful supply, I thought I would take a boo around google and see what sort of use I can put it to.*

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Kitchen Scraps Garden: Week 3

A few weeks ago, I posted about a story I’d found regarding growing a garden from your kitchen scraps.  I fell in love with this idea.  I’ve always had a gift when it comes to growing trees (and yet, my trees never stay with me long), and it has been a good long time since I’ve had any plant at all.

I’m used to the ever-present green of the Pacific Northwest, so moving to Calgary with its winter coat of beige has been a bit of an adjustment for me (to say the least).

To help ease my transition, I have picked up an ivy vine (ivy is nearly impossible to kill, so I figure it can probably survive anywhere), and I’m starting an herb garden this spring.

So far as my little kitchen trees go, here is their progress so far:

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