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Green Bubbles and the Pointy Truth

WARNING: This will be a rant.  I’m pissy and I can’t sleep until I get this off my chest.  But, I figure if it gets me out of my funk and writing again, it can’t be all bad.

I never write about environmental topics.  The reason for this is that on the whole, as a group, I dislike environmentalists.  Unfortunately, the majority are simply looking for an outlet for their own impotent outrage or a way to puff themselves up so that they may feel self-righteous in the face of their neighbours.

No one, of course, wants to believe that they fit either of these descriptions.  But I can tell you, I have been an environmentalist for over a decade and at times both of these descriptions have described me.  Perhaps not all at once, and it is something that I grew out of, but it doesn’t change the facts.

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Blog Comments

This isn’t really about this blog, it’s more about blogs in general.  Do you ever tend to feel that it isn’t really worth it to post a comment?

I know that for me, I sometimes tend to feel that comments other than praise are not fully welcome because the person is putting their opinion out there, and as it’s their page, they should get the last word.  They don’t know me, and even if I feel what I have to say is helpful, they may not.  I’m not looking to start an argument with anyone.

For my own articles, I’m not sure what I expect in the way of comments.  Praise is nice.  I really like it when people ask questions or share their own experiences with whatever topic I’ve written upon.  I don’t mind differing opinions – if someone thinks I’m wrong, then I don’t mind them saying so as long as they aren’t being overtly rude.

I tend to feel that I should comment more so that folks know that their posts are being read and appreciated.  Sometimes I wish that more blog formats had a ‘Like’ button – even though I know that’s lazy (blame FB).

What do you think?  Do you comment frequently on posts that you read?  Do you feel that all comments, even criticism is welcome?  If you have nothing to say other than ‘this was a cool article’, do you just kind of not bother (that’s the category I think I fall into a lot of the time)?

All comments welcome 😉

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Adventures in Irrelevancy – Z’s at it Again

In these rare moments when the baby is napping her father’s lap instead of mine, I really ought to be working on my assorted Beltane posts or making plans for the Sabbat as it is sneaking up on us and I am very not ready yet.  But I’m not.

In the mornings I like to read the news.  This morning, I happened across the Wild Hunt‘s coverage of Pagan Community news, and along with the opening of DC’s first public Pagan library is Z jumping up and down and shouting like a 5-year-old pitching a fit.  Again.

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Tomorrow is the Day: Don’t Forget!

Donate a Pagan Book Day is tomorrow!  For those unfamiliar with this program:

National Donate a Pagan Book Day was established in January 2012 to encourage those who love books to directly donate a Pagan or Pagan friendly book to their local public library or Pagan community center.

(from the NDPBD website)

This is a fantastic way to give back to your local Pagan community, and help those who are just starting out on their path.  It occurs to me, tho, that some libraries may not be open Easter Monday.

If you’re out and about today, you may want to check that out.  Happy donating!

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PP Archives – White Witchcraft

A brief word: this article was written in 2004 when I was far more active online than I am these days.  Eight years later, and I had almost hoped that this article would no longer be relevant.  From what little I’ve seen of the Pagan Web of 2012, I think that there is still a need for what is said here.


I think that I am finally getting to the point where the mere mention of this phrase [white witchcraft] makes me want to run screaming from the room. But let me explain to you why…

I think that the concept of White Witchcraft is a hold over for people who are taking their first steps out of the structure of Christianity. They want to believe that there is some sort of universal punishment for those who commit misdeeds. To them, the concept of karma is much like the role of St. Peter, who tallies your sins to see if you get into heaven or not.

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Witch Wars: The Fight to be Right – Circa 2006

Some Thoughts on Community

A community is something that most of us strive for. The gathering of souls of a like mind is a very powerful calling. Even those who are not converts from a monotheistic, congregation-style religion seem to seek the simple joys and socialization of worship with others. With the advent of the World Wide Web, that desire can be fulfilled in the space of a nanosecond, and you can find what seems like the whole of Pagan society at your fingertips.

Yet, for all the romantic ideals of people coming together for a common cause and enjoying the company of fellow Pagans, there comes an undeniable truth, that Pagans, just like any other group of people, come in all shapes, sizes and opinions. For those unaccustomed to having their own ideas challenged, the world of Pagan internet forums and email groups can seem like a barrel of wet cats – clawing, screeching and just cranky in general.

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Article Archive – Circa 2005 – Power Over

Power OverThis article was sparked by a recent discussion about Christo-Wiccans, but I have come across the same issues so many times elsewhere, that I felt they needed to be addressed separately.

It seems pretty clear to me that Pagans come to online forums and discussion groups looking for one of two things. Either they want to learn about Paganism, discuss and dissect different ideas and opinions, or they are looking for fellowship.

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