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BOTW: A Wise Woman’s Guide

I found this book in my local library back in about 2006 or so, and since I only read it once, there isn’t a whole lot that I remember about it.  What I do remember, I’ll post here, but as it is an older volume, I would recommend checking your library for it as I doubt you’d be able to find it in a brick and mortar book store.

I remember liking this book pretty well.  It is a compilation that dates back to before the myth of ancient goddess religions fell out of favour, and there was a lot of what we now know is revisionist history in it.  That said, it wasn’t so blatantly anti-male that it was unreadable for a more moderate feminist, such as myself.

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Adventures in Irrelevancy – Z’s at it Again

In these rare moments when the baby is napping her father’s lap instead of mine, I really ought to be working on my assorted Beltane posts or making plans for the Sabbat as it is sneaking up on us and I am very not ready yet.  But I’m not.

In the mornings I like to read the news.  This morning, I happened across the Wild Hunt‘s coverage of Pagan Community news, and along with the opening of DC’s first public Pagan library is Z jumping up and down and shouting like a 5-year-old pitching a fit.  Again.

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