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Dream Charms

D was a difficult letter for me.  I was thinking of doing a post on Dowsing  as the pendulum is one of my favorite tools. But I thought that I might save that for down the road when we hit the letter P.  That would allow me to fully explore the pendulum in all its glory.

Then I thought that I might do a post on Deosil.  I decided against that when I started doubting my ability get an entire blog post about ‘sunwise’ written without sounding like a school teacher.

I was running out of ideas, so I started poking around on the PBP Facebook page to see if anything posted there might help to inspire me.  And as it happens, it did.

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Signs and Symbols: The Language of the Deep Mind

This is a subject that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  2009 has been a very tumultuous year for me, and when the world starts spinning around you like a top on acid, you start looking to the universe for some direction.

I think that a lot of people turn to their religion for comfort in times of personal difficulty.  Witches are really no different.  When the going gets tough, we turn to what we know.

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