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Life Updates and a New Idea for the Summer

th_preg1Hi Everyone!  No, I’m not dead; though some days I feel like it.  Our little family is going to be growing by one member in the fall, and while I’m very excited, I also get the worst morning sickness ever.  I’m starting to feel a little better, and I hope to be up and doing more in the coming weeks.

There are a lot of articles that I have on the back burners as  I’m not in a terribly thinky place right now.  I’m finding that what helps me to feel a little more life-like is doing.  I’ve been stalking pinterest like a drug addicted monkey the last week or so, and I am filled to the brim on great ideas that I want to try.

I’ve also been missing my sewing machine something awful lately, so I have a plan to kill two birds with one stone.  I’m going to be participating in a sewing/DIY blog challenge called The Summer of No Pants.

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Pagan Fashion Part III: Scarves and Veils

nordstromlinenbluePublic Service Announcement:

This will be more of a pan religio-cultural installment of Pagan Fashion since scarves, veils and head coverings span just about every culture and religion out there.  And while I’m going to do my best to be inclusive, I am sure that I will probably forget someone.  Also, this will be a link/image heavy post.  If your computer is on the ancient side, like mine, it may take some time for everything to load.

Scarves are one of my go-to accessories for just about any occasion.  They can keep away the chill in cooler months, and provide extra sun protection in the summer.  My collection is constantly growing.  Even when you’re short of cash, a scarf is a great way to extend your wardrobe.

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Pagan Fashion Part II: Winter Wear

Wholesale-and-retail-Women-s-Fashion-coat-Hooded-Long-Jacket-Personalized-Woolen-coat-Witch-clothes-freeSince I began writing posts for the Pagan Blog Project, the most popular article on my blog (with nearly 1000 views) has been my piece on Pagan Fashion.  With so many witchy ‘W’ options, I decided to use this post to expand upon my most popular topic and add some Witchy Winter Wear.

When the weather turns colder, my wardrobe changes from light flirty blouses and long skirts to sweaters, cords, jeans and jewel tones.  The accessories I reach for tend towards unique knitwear and wrapped fabrics.

Thick wool coats sporting wide hoods can give the feel of an old world cloak while still allowing for free movement through the darkening day-to-day grind. Another piece that can add a bit of modern witchy flair to your winter wardrobe is the classic maxi cardigan.

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Pagan Fashion

This article has been a long time in coming.  I can remember years ago looking for something somewhere that had either a list or a store that compiled what I, at the time, believed Pagan fashion to be.  For me, it was always a sort of semi-elegant, boho chic look.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I found back then was print t shirts and ritual robes.  Off and on over the years, I’d asked different groups of folks what they wore.  What was ‘Pagan Fashion’ to them?

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