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Balancing Creativity and Parenthood

Infinite Monkey Theorem

Like many creatives¹, I spent a lot of my younger years lost in a swirl of daydreams, fantasies, and surges of creative expression. I could set pen to paper whenever the mood struck. Skills practise never felt like work; it was only the refinement of a project in progress.  There were no deadlines, no expectations other than my own — a piece was done when I called it done.  And if one piece sat unfinished while I explored other ideas, so be it.  Time was not a commodity.

Of course, the utopia of youth never lasts, and all too quickly there are bills to pay, responsibilities that never give you a day off, and for some of us, loud, clumsy little people who are in constant need of our undivided attention.

Finding the Time to Create

When children come into your life, two things become a coveted luxury: sleep and alone time…

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Bad Blogger

Bill Watterson is the Best
Bill Watterson is the Best

I know I have been neglecting you all terribly, but I have had my head stuck in a novel and … I DID IT!  I won NaNoWriMo!  Not quite finished the story, but I crossed the 50k finish line in 29 days, so that has to count for something.  I am dog tired. <- I like that phrase, tho every dog I’ve ever owned has be undeniably lazy, so I don’t know how apt it is.

I will say that writing a novel in 30 days with toddlers climbing on you is no easy task.  I swear that they have some kind of a radar that tells them when Mommy is busy, so that they can drop whatever it is that they’re doing and come running to chatter or scream at me.  But I muscled through, and now that I am physically exhausted, bring on the holidays!

Haha.  I am going to be spending December catching up on some reading in my spare time between kids, cleaning my sadly neglected house, and the holidays.  I will try to get some more pages updated here.  I will aim for writing up the Yule article for the WOTY page – I had assumed that I had that one written already.

Then my new year’s resolution will be to finish the story I started at NaNo and get it all polished up shiny.  I have also been thinking of finally getting the intro packet from the OBOD.  We’ll see how that goes.

That’s all I’ve got folks.  Talk at ya later!

Using the Light Available

Today is a photography day.  I have been wanting to take some pics from around the house, something to document our lives here, and the transition of packing to move.

The past few days have been sunny, with that stark winter light that adds an uncomfortable glare to everything.  Today is overcast.  The world is lit with a soft gray.  The kind of gray my eyes are used to.  The kind a part of my heart yearns for.  This is the light I wanted to use today.

Because it isn’t bright, I needed to dig out my trusty tripod.  I haven’t used it in years.  I have missed its awesomeness.  Now I just need to find my remote.

Dolly Shoes
Dolly Shoes
This is my sewing machine.  It is older than I am.  I love it.
My sewing machine. It is older than I am. I love it.
Messy Ribbon.  Need to find a better place to keep it.
Messy Ribbon. Need to find a better place to keep it.
Still going strong.
Still going strong.
"Take a picture of me, Mommy!"
“Take a picture of me, Mommy!”


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