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Ynys Witrin

treesofthewood-0018“Isle of Glass” – the historic name for Glastonbury, aka the mystical isle of Avalon.

Anyone who is a fan of Arthurian legend is familiar with the legends of Avalon.  It is the place between worlds where rests King Arthur who waits for a time of great need to return to this world and lead once again.

For Christianity, the significance of Glastonbury seems to begin with the story that the first Christian church was founded by Joseph of Arimathea.  Further figures of religious importance are said to have visited Glastonbury and the abbey erected there, from Saint Patrick of Ireland to Saint David of Wales. Continue reading Ynys Witrin

Witchy Wednesday: The White Goddess

This one took me a while to get to.  I could have easily written about the Morrigan or Danu or a number of other well-known goddesses with whom I’ve had some experience.  But they aren’t the ones who have been on my mind lately.

Beltane is nearly upon us, and the archetype of the May Queen is what has been filling my thoughts.  For some traditions, she is the Goddess in her Maiden form, a grown woman ready to take the Young God as her lover.

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