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And Z is for Zauberwurzel

illuzhans_04Zauberwurzel.  The traditional German folk name for the mandrake root.  This poisonous herb is historically used in folk magic for protection, fertility and prosperity.

Whole mandrake placed above the mantel  or on the head of the bed will protect against evil and negative energies.  The whole root is also used as a poppet in sympathetic magic.

Small pieces of the root mixed with various other herbs are used in sachets to protect against headaches, aid in sleep and increase fertility in men and women.  Mandrake is representative of earth and is ruled over by Hecate and Hathor.

Never use mandrake in anything intended for ingestion as it is highly poisonous.

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Ynys Witrin

treesofthewood-0018“Isle of Glass” – the historic name for Glastonbury, aka the mystical isle of Avalon.

Anyone who is a fan of Arthurian legend is familiar with the legends of Avalon.  It is the place between worlds where rests King Arthur who waits for a time of great need to return to this world and lead once again.

For Christianity, the significance of Glastonbury seems to begin with the story that the first Christian church was founded by Joseph of Arimathea.  Further figures of religious importance are said to have visited Glastonbury and the abbey erected there, from Saint Patrick of Ireland to Saint David of Wales. Continue reading Ynys Witrin

Pagan Fashion Part II: Winter Wear

Wholesale-and-retail-Women-s-Fashion-coat-Hooded-Long-Jacket-Personalized-Woolen-coat-Witch-clothes-freeSince I began writing posts for the Pagan Blog Project, the most popular article on my blog (with nearly 1000 views) has been my piece on Pagan Fashion.  With so many witchy ‘W’ options, I decided to use this post to expand upon my most popular topic and add some Witchy Winter Wear.

When the weather turns colder, my wardrobe changes from light flirty blouses and long skirts to sweaters, cords, jeans and jewel tones.  The accessories I reach for tend towards unique knitwear and wrapped fabrics.

Thick wool coats sporting wide hoods can give the feel of an old world cloak while still allowing for free movement through the darkening day-to-day grind. Another piece that can add a bit of modern witchy flair to your winter wardrobe is the classic maxi cardigan.

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Pagan Xmas

I’m cheating a bit here because I both have the holidays on my mind, and because I don’t want to dig out my dictionary to search through the X’s – and I don’t feel like writing about xenophobia (or xylophones).

Despite the implication of the title, this post isn’t going to be about Yule.  This post is solidly about Xmas – or secular Christmas.  To paraphrase the immortal Bart Simpson:

“Lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas. You know, the birth of Santa.”

Poor Santa appears to be somewhat of a controversial figure in modern Paganism.  Considering that he is so whole-heartedly rejected by so many other religions, I think that there should be someone who embraces him.  After all, commercialism isn’t Santa’s fault. Continue reading Pagan Xmas

Validity and Religious Pluralism

Spiritual/religious validity are topics that never go out of style within the Pagan community.  We can talk about them until the blue-faced cows come home.  And no matter how often or how many times we go over the same topic, it never fails to end in ruffled feathers and out-of-joint noses.

Our national and international news sources tell us of the great strides being made at various interfaith conferences.  Pagans are being taken more and more seriously as a player on the world religion scene.  Our rights to publicly display our faiths on equal footing with The Big Three™ are being recognized with more frequency by various governmental agencies.

These are all very encouraging steps forward into a new age of religious pluralism.  And yet, one only needs to look as far as a few Pagan blogs or discussion forums to get the feeling that the last dozen years or so have been an exercise in futility.

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Under is one of my little one’s favourite words at the moment.  When thinking of topics for the letter ‘U’ for the PBP, all I could think of was her little voice chanting “Unda!  Unda!”

When we’re small, under is pretty cool.  We play Hide-and-Seek, trying to squeeze ourselves into the smallest places we can find.  Later on, we build forts with blanket ceilings and tree houses under a canopy of green.

These small under places are our own.  Our first understanding of separate and private space are in these little caves and duns. Continue reading Under

Twenty-Five Things

This idea came to me last night between waiting for the baby to fall asleep and wishing that I had heavier curtains so I didn’t have to stare at the damned street light outside my window all night long.

For the letter T of the Pagan Blog Project, I am going to make a list.  25 Awesome Things – either things that I have done or experienced and have judged to be awesome.

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