GF Bread Baking and Ingenuity

007--shoegal_icons-14AKA why the braided Brigid’s Cross bread doesn’t work gluten-free and what I mean to do about it!

So, I finally did find a GF bread mix in time for Imbolc.  I mixed it up more or less according to the directions.¹  It was just as sticky and gooey as I remembered it, but determination breeds creativity, and I managed to devise a method that allowed me to braid it into a Brigid’s cross … sort of.  In the end, it looked pretty good.

Yay! I thought to myself.  Now to let it rise …

Yeah, not so much.  This is what we ended up with:


Not quite what I was going for.


It tasted ok, but I wanted something that was a little more identifiable.  So I hit the web.  A bit of research and the finding of some really tasty looking recipes later, I discovered something a little disheartening.  GF bread dough is always loose and sticky.  It needs a pan to help it hold its shape.  No braided bread for me 😦

So I started brain storming on other ways I could make braided baked goods.  Perhaps pastry dough or cookie dough?  And then it hit me.  I could still have Brigid’s cross breads – all I needed was a loaf pan in the right shape. It wouldn’t be braided, but that’s ok.  I’m sure Brigid won’t mind.

Unfortunately, my Google-foo let me down when trying to find a Brigid’s cross loaf pan that was available for purchase.²  But, I was not to be thwarted.  I might not be able to buy one, but I’m a Crafty sort.  I could make one!

This website provides all the necessary tools to make silicone food molds at a pretty reasonable price.  A little bit of sculpting and a silicone mold kit, I will have a fully functional silicone mold for baking any kind of bread that I want.

Hooray for inspiration and creativity!³

I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.  If all goes well, I might try my hand at other Sabbat-themed baking molds.  Cross your fingers for me!

English: saint brigid of Ireland's cross Made ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[1] Alas most GF bread mixes are also dairy, egg and general flavour-free, so I make a couple of my own adjustments here and there.

[2] It doesn’t look like anyone else in the food industry has had this idea.  Considering Brigid’s worldwide popularity, I was a little surprised.

[3] Thank you, Brigid 🙂

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