Witchy Wednesday – How I Feel in February

Now that I am all caught up, I only have to do these once a week!  So, this week’s topic is “How do you feel about this time of the year?”  There are about a half-dozen of these spaced throughout the year.  I may or may not do all of them.  Or, more likely, I will move them around so that they are more evenly spaced.  For instance there are two in the spring, and then two months before there is another one.

Anyway, February.  I tend to have a love/hate relationship with February.  It’s my birth month, so that is alternately lovely and depressing.  A friend of mine decided that this year she would buy herself as many awesome gifts as she has years on this planet, and I think that may be my way to a happy birthday as well.  Once you’re over 30, no one likes getting older anymore.  Or, I might finally save up and buy myself the Book of Shadows that I’ve always wanted.


When I lived on the coast I really looked forward to February because that was the end of winter.  Two last weeks of yucky, cold, rainy, sloppy weather, and then it was spring — like overnight, winter just went away.  Part of me still expects that from February, even though it will still snow in Calgary until April at the very least.

We are just past Imbolc.  It was nice.  Cold, but bright and sunny.  That’s probably a bad omen groundhog/callieach-legend-wise, but I was happy with it.  Did a reading for things I wish to grow during the year.  The cards say I worry too much, but that things look good financially over all.  I was pretty happy with that.  I might stretch Imbolc out until the fourth (which I have found out is the astrologically correct day for Imbolc this year).  I like my holidays to span a few days.  That will also give me time to work a cleaning and cleansing for the house without having to push through it all in one big go.

I made fairy wands for the kids.  Check out my Instagram for a play-by-play of that.  I didn’t really expect them to last more than a day, and I was right.  I expect the ribbon will start coming off by the end of the week.  The bells lasted all of two hours on the little boy’s wand.  But, little Miss R got to do her waking run around the yard, and after a good cry and an explanation that no, it will not instantly turn to spring like it does in the cartoons, she had some fun shaking her bells and talking to the trees.  Ah, parenthood!

This year has been a little better than most mood-wise, I think.  I am really looking forward to our little trip to the coast coming up.  The thought of going home even for a short while always makes me happy.  We also have some plans in the works to make this trip a little more special, and less of a burden on family and friends.  Fingers crossed that that all works out nicely.

That’s really all for this week.  To sum up, to me, February is like the relative that lives on your couch.  You love it most when waving goodbye.  Until next week, folks. ❤

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