Witchy Wednesday – Patron Deities

Patron deities — who are they and how did you find yours? This week’s topic could be a really short post since I don’t have any.  What I do have is a love of sacred statuary, so I think for this Witchy Wednesday, I will show you some of my favourites and where you can purchase them online if they speak to you. *

As you will probably be able to tell, I do favour a specific style:

Greco-Roman Gods

Celtic Gods

Classic MMC

Norse Gods

Afro-Caribbean (Store 1  & Store 2)

Next week, we are talking journals and diaries … and maybe blogs?

*You will notice that some of the images have copyright tags or watermarks.  I purposely left them there as I wanted to link back to the websites that sold each product.  Also, it’s a pain in the heinie to remove them just for cosmetic purposes. The images themselves were sourced from a google websearch.

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