It’s Raining …

… and I have a napping baby in my lap, so I thought I would write a post.  See?  I told you I wouldn’t be away too long.

I was reading over some of the other posts in the PBP, and it seems to me that a lot of folks are running out of steam.  There are some interesting topics, but too many of the articles barely break 100 words.

To me that just doesn’t seem worth the effort.  If you don’t have anything to say about a topic or you don’t have time to do the research, then maybe put it off until you do.  The PBP faeries won’t hunt you down for not having anything to say.  You’re not a bad Pagan if it turns out that this project is too  much for you.

Or, maybe get creative.  Make a video.  Make a piece of art.  Get crafty and SHOW rather than tell.  I know that blogging is all about the words, but if they aren’t coming to you, give them (and yourself) a break.  There is more to communication than the written word.

One of my favorite exercises (I don’t really remember where I first saw this) is called Unnaming.  You have to describe something without calling it by its name or obvious descriptors.

For example, if you were writing about a river then words like wet, water, and obviously river would be off limits.  You can talk about anything else to get your point across.  In my experience, it really helps you to engage and get to know your subject.

Also, you can always go the route I did for K, and write a short story.  Or maybe a poem.  The point is that this project doesn’t have to limit you to one form of communication.  It’s meant to inspire and help you embrace your path on a day to day basis.  Don’t get bogged down by time limits or schedules and set your imagination free!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Raining …”

  1. Haha… I wish sometimes I had my cameras installed so I could do picture posts. Sometimes, especially for PBP I think that would be so much more interesting. Maybe I’ll get to that this week.

  2. I have skipped a few weeks for one reason or another. I plan to go back and do those as the inspiration hits me. The ideas you present here are fun and fabulous. They provide some of that inspiration, so ‘Thanks!’

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