The Plan 2015

I have been having a ridiculously difficult time writing this post.  Well, writing any posts at all, really.  I have been dealing with a hefty case of the winter blahs, and it has been sapping all of my ability to brain.

I have moments of clarity and inspiration, but by the time I find a pen to write it down, it’s gone.  Free writing/word association has helped a bit with getting the thoughts out of my head, but beyond that, stringing two thoughts together has been a bit of a challenge.  This is a difficult time for me as I still feel that energizing push to travel new paths and learn new things in honour of the new year.

The sunshine of the last couple of weeks has helped to lift the winter fog.  And while it may be a coincidence, I am also going to credit the coming of the Lunar new year.  Yay, Year of the Ram and the season of Pisces!

It’s been more years than I would like to think since I have worked on advancing my own path.  For some strange reason, inspiration tends to strike at right about the same time that I start considering joining teaching traditions.  It would seem that well travelled, nicely groomed and cared for trails generate a “run off and do my own thing” response in me.

Finally, I have settled on exploring the concept of sacred sound – be it chanting, singing, drumming, mantras, etc.  I am interested in delving more deeply into the assorted vibrations that echo through the universe and create change in the world.  I have found a couple of books on Amazon that I am going to be reading through.  If I find them useful, I may review them here.  I haven’t written a book review in a good long time.

I am excited for the warming weather, and the promise of the coming year.  Cheers all!

One thought on “The Plan 2015”

  1. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to pause along the Way, and take in the sights, smells and sounds. Sometimes, along the Way, a campfire and an evening or two of reflection are a good way to process what we’ve seen and experienced so far, making more room in our minds for the experiences yet to come. At the same time, just because we might pause every now and then doesn’t mean our Way or Path pauses with us 😉

    Echo and vibration work, I think, are wonderful things to explore! We are all, after all, echoes of Nature’s birth (what some call the Big Bang, and still others refer to as Creation – it’s all the same): the energy released from that event reverberates through the universe to this day, all that we are, see or touch is made from this same energy. Exploring echo and vibration is a great way to explore this connection, and I look forward to reading more from what you experience with this, if you choose to share 🙂

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