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This isn’t really about this blog, it’s more about blogs in general.  Do you ever tend to feel that it isn’t really worth it to post a comment?

I know that for me, I sometimes tend to feel that comments other than praise are not fully welcome because the person is putting their opinion out there, and as it’s their page, they should get the last word.  They don’t know me, and even if I feel what I have to say is helpful, they may not.  I’m not looking to start an argument with anyone.

For my own articles, I’m not sure what I expect in the way of comments.  Praise is nice.  I really like it when people ask questions or share their own experiences with whatever topic I’ve written upon.  I don’t mind differing opinions – if someone thinks I’m wrong, then I don’t mind them saying so as long as they aren’t being overtly rude.

I tend to feel that I should comment more so that folks know that their posts are being read and appreciated.  Sometimes I wish that more blog formats had a ‘Like’ button – even though I know that’s lazy (blame FB).

What do you think?  Do you comment frequently on posts that you read?  Do you feel that all comments, even criticism is welcome?  If you have nothing to say other than ‘this was a cool article’, do you just kind of not bother (that’s the category I think I fall into a lot of the time)?

All comments welcome 😉

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7 thoughts on “Blog Comments”

  1. I think this is part of the whole point of blogging. Even if you don’t agree with the author of the blog, as long as you’re starting dialogue, new ideas and thoughts are being generated. Positive feedback is lovely and can also lead to some healthy discussions, but I think that comments where someone disagrees bring about some even better discussion. Criticism is never fun, but it’s how we work through ideas and learn new ways of looking at things. This is something I’ve been working on myself. At the end of the day maybe neither the blogger nor the commenter will change the other one’s mind (as happens in many arguments), but I think the things that we take away from these discussion to think about and chew on make a world of difference later on. If a blog is one that I really enjoyed, I like to at least leave the compliment that the person’s writing kept me entertained. I sometimes wonder when I’m blogging if I’m just throwing words out into the void, so I appreciate it when someone who did read says something. I get a lot of criticism too and as long as it’s respectfully done, I appreciate that as well. If people take all of this time to blog and think about things, don’t we, the readers, have a responsibility to build onto the conversation? I want people to comment on my blog, so I think its my equal responsibility to comment on the blogs that I read as well.

    1. Yeah, one of my problems is that I don’t often have anything useful to say. Sometimes my response is just kind of a ‘huh’. Not really one way or another. And I wonder how useful a one word comment would be, KWIM?

  2. I do not comment on everything I read. I do try to read my “favourites” regularly even if I do not comment. I feel badly when I’ve 1) missed a slew of posts and/or 2) don’t comment.

    I have wanted a like button, too. Lazy or not it would be nice to be able to read fast, click like as an acknowledgement of having read and come later if there is time. Maybe a “like” button is not quite right for blogs, but a “read” button?

    When I disagree I try to do so gently. If it is someone I know knows me well I am less careful with my words. If something is particularly intense I try to just offer !love, *hug*, or “witnessed” so the person knows that putting the hard stuff out there is witnessed and noted.

    1. I noticed that some news sites have adopted YouTube’s thumbs up/thumbs down rating system. I think that might be fairly useful if more blogs were to implement it.

      One of the few things that bug me about Blogger blogs (though, the awesome does tend to outweigh the annoyances … so far), is that there is no way to acknowledge having read a piece. It’s comment or nothing.

      I also think that a *hugs* button would be kinda cool 😉

  3. Personally, I thrive when other people post their own thoughts or opinions on my articles. It gives me a chance to learn an alternate way of thinking and to gather respect for people who think differently than I do. It is a learning experience for me as well as for them, making it a mutual coexistence.
    As for criticism and critiques, I’ve actually encouraged them. It gives you a chance to further explore why you believe something and to define what it is more specifically. All of my readers seem pretty civil, so I don’t think I’ve ever really had any criticism, though I think at times it would be helpful. 🙂
    Blessed be!

    1. Definitely. Do you read lots of other blogs? I know that I am reading WAY more than I used to simply by participating in the Pagan Blog Project.

      1. I don’t read a lot of others, but I read at least a dozen others on a pretty regular basis. My own readers expose me to these fabulous blogs that I now follow. 🙂

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