Magical Green Elephants: Pagan Finance

“Now I’m sure someone is looking at this post and saying “What the hell does this have to do with paganism, or the pagan community.” and I’ll say “everything.” It’s the giant elephant in the room we so often sweep under the rug. It isn’t until a scandal comes about that the discussion of pagans, and our attitudes towards money and financial involvement, are brought up for conversation. It’s amazing how much money will be put into a community center, but mention a pagan credit union and you can hear the crickets chirping half way from Omaha; despite there being a Christian credit union in my immediate area.”

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This is an interesting topic, and I think that this article is very timely with the closing of the Sacred Paths Community Centre and the controversy surrounding it.  What are your impressions of Pagans and finance?  Would you put your financial business in the hands of a Pagan credit union?

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