Pagan Fashion Part II: Winter Wear

Wholesale-and-retail-Women-s-Fashion-coat-Hooded-Long-Jacket-Personalized-Woolen-coat-Witch-clothes-freeSince I began writing posts for the Pagan Blog Project, the most popular article on my blog (with nearly 1000 views) has been my piece on Pagan Fashion.  With so many witchy ‘W’ options, I decided to use this post to expand upon my most popular topic and add some Witchy Winter Wear.

When the weather turns colder, my wardrobe changes from light flirty blouses and long skirts to sweaters, cords, jeans and jewel tones.  The accessories I reach for tend towards unique knitwear and wrapped fabrics.

Thick wool coats sporting wide hoods can give the feel of an old world cloak while still allowing for free movement through the darkening day-to-day grind. Another piece that can add a bit of modern witchy flair to your winter wardrobe is the classic maxi cardigan.


Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of chunky knit sweaters that show off the simplicity of the knitted stitch.  Plus, if you are into making your own knitwear, they can be knit up over the course of a snowy weekend.  Toques, mitts, socks and wrist warmers are great stash busters, and often take only a few hours to complete.

You can add a little Nordic flair to your knitwear by seeking out snowflake and star patterns in multiple colours, sweater dresses and thick scarves.  If you’re a knitter and you haven’t yet signed up for a Ravelry account, you are missing out on about the biggest collection of patterns and yarn reviews every assembled. Plus, it’s a pretty great little community too.

2794235595_ed0af997b1_zAs snuggly as a great sweater is, as soon as there is a nip in the air, the first thing I dig out is my best pair of knee-high boots.  Wearable from fall through winter to spring, a great looking pair of boots are worth the high price tag.  My favourite pair was a birthday present, and while they may not be the best footwear for ice and snow, they make up for the sometimes precarious walking by looking absolutely fabulous!

Many winter fashions never really go out of style, and can be found fairly easily without large amounts of effort.  That said, there are a few unique pieces as seen in movies and on television that may require learning to knit yourself, or bribing a crafty friend into putting them together for you.


The world of Pagan fashion still has a lot of areas to explore, accessories and jewellery  culture specific trends, headwraps and hair pieces, and lots more.  And that’s not even coming close to the areas of costuming and ritual wear.  I may add more articles if there is interest.

If any of you out there in reader land have a specific vein of Pagan fashion that you’d like to see a bit more of, be sure to speak up – the comment section awaits your two cents 😀


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